Teachers' Workshops

Professional development for teachers in local communities

How can teachers in remote villages in Guatemala foster reading skills when their classrooms have very few books and when many of their students’ parents cannot read? When not a single home has a book, and 6 children in a one-room school house will share a tattered textbook and have no access to fiction or picture books? Casa Colibrí developed a teachers’ workshop to address these challenges. With the collaboration of the local education authorities, we invited 90 “K-6” teachers from the villages surrounding the Casa Colibrí Clinic to attend one of three workshops held in May 2015. To say they loved their first exposure to “Professional Development” is a vast understatement! Each learned new skills and techniques aimed at fostering a love of reading. And each went home with a lending library of children’s books for their little schools. The one stipulation? Students MUST be allowed to check out these precious books to take home

Primary-school educators learn about anchor charts and have a contest to see who can make the best one. This little student contributes her ideas, too!