Primary Care Clinic

A Place of Refuge

Our primary care clinic began in tents, run only by a pediatrician, a family practitioner, and their translator. Without roads or facilities, they worked together for the health of a community where war and years of government mistreatment had left a dearth of medical care.

Today, a brick-and-metal building stands in that community, bolstered by running water and electricity and known to the locals as “Casa Colibrí.”

While roads have since been built in the region, our community still struggles to access basic medical care. The nearest hospital is over three hours away—if you have access to a vehicle—and government funding for healthcare doesn’t extend to those northwest villages.

Our History

From its humble beginnings in 2003, the clinic has since grown from three to a team of ten to twelve doctors, nurses, and translators traveling annually to care for the needs of the community.

Four days of clinic see hundreds of locals from surrounding villages. Patients come for their health—for pediatric checkups, for vision problems, for women’s needs—and they leave with parasite treatment, vitamins, pain relief, and education on everything from nutrition to healthy hygiene.

Year-Round Commitment

Our clinic is maintained throughout the year by Mayan nursing staff, some of the only full-time medical professionals in the region. With a “Clinic on Wheels” facilitating travel to nearby villages, Casa Colibri’s clinic work extends to collaboration with midwives, aiding in the care for and monitoring of difficult pregnancies.

Sponsoring the education for nursing professionals who later have served at the clinic has furthered Casa Colibrí’s goals for long-term, sustainable health within the community. More than that, the local presence brings hope to other young students interested in pursuing higher education, giving them a success story of people who have gone to university and then brought critical skills to give back to the community.

Support The Clinic

Your support helps keep our clinic open and stocked with essential medical supplies and medicines like antibiotics.