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Donor Guide

Individual donors like you are the source of many of our resources and inspiration. Thank you for supporting our work!

The best way for you to get involved is to make a gift in support of your favorite initiative. While we welcome gifts of equipment and supplies, our preference is that you select the monetary value corresponding to your means and interest for donation. We are able to purchase supplies for lower cost when we buy in bulk and/or in Guatemala, and your gift will be most impactful if we are able to shop for the best available purchasing prices.

Below find an overview of our giving guide.


Prenatal vitamins for one entire pregnancy.


Medication to eradicate intestinal parasites for one family.


Blankets and caps for five newborns.


Diabetic testing strips for one patient for an entire year.


One pair of reading glasses.


Iinfant vitamins for one infant for an entire year.


Doppler device for the clinic to monitor fetal heart sounds.


Wound care supplies for the entire clinic.


Combination otoscope/ophthalmoscope for the clinic nurse practitioners.


Backpack and medical supply kit for one trained traditional birth attendant.


Two-day training and medical supply kit for one traditional birth attendant.


Two-day training and medical supplies for one village health promoter.

Read more about all of our programs for additional information on where your donations are applied! All contributions are accepted by traditional mail (check or money order made to Casa Colibri) at 1251 Washington Road, Rochester Hills, MI  48306, at Casa Colibri’s Network For Good page, or by clicking the PayPal link below.

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Group Fundraising

We’ve had wonderful participation from school classes, professional offices, church groups, and local businesses in support of fund Raising efforts. If you, your business, or your group would like to host or run a collective fundraising event, please contact us so that we can offer any ideas and support you might need! We are always happy to speak to groups about our work, provide informational materials, and staff events.


As a business, foundation, or donor-advised fund, you may be interested in larger sponsorship opportunities. Below find a range of options for larger sponsorship amounts:

$3,500 – sponsors a community library.
$15,000 – sponsors all medication and supplies for an entire Jornada.