2020 Annual Report

There are times when adversity can be a catalyst for positive change, and 2020 was such a time for Casa Colibrí.

The year started off smoothly, and we looked forward to a calendar chock full of health-care and literacy initiatives. Then came Covid-19. Guatemalan borders closed, and village leaders isolated their remote villages from outsiders, knowing that an outbreak would be catastrophic. Everything changed, yet our mission was more critical than ever.

We focused on meeting immediate needs by providing PPE to traditional birth attendants, getting prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers, and shifting funds to programs such as Readers to Leaders that could be held without volunteers from outside the country.

The barriers presented by the pandemic forced us to think in new ways. It more fully opened our eyes to the resourcefulness of our staff and the resolve and capabilities of the people we serve. Now there’s no turning back!

When safe to do so, we will once again bring volunteer physicians, nurses, dentists, eye-care professionals and others to provide needed care to the Maya in this remote region. We will also continue to re-evaluate everything we do with the aim of incorporating greater local involvement in program planning and implementation.

The pandemic brought out the best in you, our supporters, as well. Throughout the year, we were overwhelmed by your ongoing generosity. Your backing allowed us to continue providing services to a very vulnerable population at a time when it was needed most. And it gave us the confidence to plan future programs that can support dreams of a better tomorrow. THANK YOU for your invaluable partnership in all we do!

Jeannine Moreland

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