2019 Annual Report

Dear Friends of Casa Colibrí,

This letter to you is different than the one I would have written yesterday, as today came the announcement that flights from the USA are not going to be allowed into Guatemala due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

This development is heartbreaking for us at Casa Colibrí because we work with people at the margin, those who are forgotten and excluded. On the other hand, we do not want to, in our zeal, carry a disease to the most vulnerable people and do more harm than good. So, we will monitor the situation and be ready to resume helping when it is safe for the population we serve.

During this past year, we have continued to focus on doing the projects which reflect our mission and values well, and to seek collaborations with like-minded organizations. We have hired our second medical provider and expanded the role of the Clinic on Wheels in the villages.

The Board of Directors has developed into a true working board, with members involved in all functions of the organization: planning, budgeting, fundraising, and project development, aswell as human resources and policies. Each board member brings special talents to the table.

This year was my last as President of Casa Colibrí. I am now Immediate Past President, and the tremendously competent Jeannine Moreland becomes President. It is my intention to always stay part of the organization in any helpful way I can. We have reached a point where we can do much good for some people who really need our help. Now, however, is the time to look to the future. There are still many people who live in extreme poverty in this area. If we think regionally, we can help many more of them. We need to set those long-term goals and reach for them. We might surprise ourselves with the impact we can make!

Jay Eastman

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